Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turning Point, Montgomery County, Maryland

Last week, I had the unique opportuniy to document a mural dedication ceremony in Montgomery County, Maryland. Under the direction of Arts on the Block, Artist Carien Quiroga mentored and lead a group of young Apprentice Artist to create a beautiful work of art. Carien and her talented young artist gave such a gift to the community that words can not describe it. I am so honored to have been part of this event. The mural was installed in a area that borders two Counties in Maryland, Montgomery and Prince Georges County. This area has seen it's share of Gang violence and this wall use to be prime canvas for gang graffiti. Now it is a sign that shows our community youth take stock in their community and their lives. The show on the blog is a low resolution version. If you would like a high quality DVD, drop me a e-mail and I will send you one as a gift. Please enjoy the beauty and art you are about to see.


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